Lumicore Unveils Digital Driving Technology and Diverse Product Line at 2024 SID Display Week

Time:2024-05-24 17:59:25

On May 14th, the highly influential professional event in the global display industry, the 2024 SID Display Week, opened grandly at the San Jose Convention Center. Lumicore showcased its innovative digital driving silicon microdisplay solutions and integrated AR display optical solutions at the conference.

 1. Digital Driving on Silicon Microdisplay

As one of the pioneering teams in China that earliest explored Micro-OLED and Micro-LED driver chips, Lumicore lit up a 1.3-inch resolution 2K micro-OLED display in 2021, insighting the development direction of VR screens in the next few years. They were the first in the world to use a digital driving scheme, breaking through the limitations of traditional technologies in the silicon microdisplay industry and achieving outstanding results. At the 2024 Display Week, the VR/MR 1.32-inch micro-OLED with digital driving showed even better optimized performance.

● The display features excellent contrast and brightness, with every frame vivid and clear, and the low-gray-scale fine performance makes the dark details stand out.

● It has a significantly wide viewing angle, maintaining color accuracy even at extreme viewing angles, without color shift due to changes in perspective.

● Digital driving enhances high-resolution and high-performance display with significantly reduced power consumption and improved yield.

The digital driving solution is Lumicore's long-term strategy for the commercialization of XR microdisplay products. In the future, Lumicore's diverse XR microdisplay products will be successively loaded with digital driving solutions.


2. Diverse XR Products and Solutions

The integrated AR display optical solution is another important strategy of Lumicore. We know that AR products can choose different optical paths. There are two main technologies in general AR displays: OST and VST. The main product form of OST is AR, allowing users to see the real world through a set of transparent optical lenses and overlay virtual content onto the real world light sources. The main product form of VST is MR, recording the real world through a camera and then displaying the images on an opaque screen, providing a dual experience of VR and AR. Both technologies have different optical solutions, with classic or representative products for each.

Lumicore's diverse XR products and solutions cover the general AR field, with digital driving as the long-term strategy and different optical technologies as customized solutions, providing customized products and services for customers in different industries.

At the 2024 Display Week, Lumicore's AR display optical solution featuring a 0.71-inch micro-OLED stood out among mainstream AR displays.

● The 0.71-inch microdisplay can provide a wider field of view, giving users a more realistic and comfortable visual experience with delicate and colorful display effects.

● It adopts a more cost-effective process, achieving the ideal combination of high performance and economy.


 In the near future, with the commissioning of the 12-inch micro-OLED production line, Lumicore will provide more reliable products and services for XR microdisplays.


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