Professor Wuping Wu from Southeast University visited Lumicore for academic exchange.

Time:2023-11-10 15:52:59

On April 17th, Professor Wuping Wu from Southeast University led a research team to visit and exchange ideas at Lumicore. Mr. Cheng Zou, the Vice General Manager of Lumicore, accompanied by the technical team, participated in the discussion. During the meeting, both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on university-enterprise cooperation, reaching broad consensus.

Mr. Cheng Zou emphasized Lumicore's latest advancements and future development plans in the field of silicon microdisplays. He pointed out that silicon microdisplay technology has become the mainstream for wearable smart displays, with screens being one of the major cost components. Lumicore has been committed to the industrialization of silicon microdisplay for many years, achieving significant advantages in product performance and industrialization. Factors such as the weight of the headsets and battery life are also crucial for consumer adoption, with considerable room for improvement. He hoped that through cooperation, both parties could leverage their respective strengths to jointly promote the advancement of smart wearable devices. He particularly emphasized that Southeast University, with its rich cultural heritage, has achieved fruitful results in integrating research with education and industry with academia since its establishment, nurturing a large number of social elites. He looked forward to both parties using high-quality projects as a starting point to drive the development of new fields and productivity through advanced research outcomes.

Professor Wu and his team affirmed Lumicore's pioneering advantages, research experience, and achievements in the industry. Professor Wu believed that the development of smart headsets is an inevitable trend and has made significant progress, currently at a critical stage. Battery life is a core issue for all electronic devices, and he mentioned that Southeast University has top-notch research resources in the field of new energy batteries in China, has always valued the integration of industry and academia, and actively cooperated with relevant enterprises to achieve significant results. In this new field, he hoped to build new academic and industrial advantages through cooperation with Lumicore, promote mutual complementarity in academic research and industrial practice, and jointly drive the leading development of the industry.

Both parties look forward to deep cooperation through technical discussions, patent applications, project proposals, and other means, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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