Mr.Ji was invited to attend the Fifth International Semiconductor Display Expo and gave a keynote speech.

Time:2023-12-29 15:52:59

In the first quarter, Lumicore CEO Mr.Ji was invited to attend the UDE2024 conference and delivered a keynote speech on "Digital Driving Empowers the Next Generation XR Metaverse" at the sub-forum "The 6th Mini/Micro LED Display Industry Eco-Conference · Near-Eye Display".

Mr.Ji introduced that the metaverse represents a new form of the digital world, an advanced version following the Internet and mobile Internet. In this virtual reality world, XR technology plays a major gateway role, and the main display is one of the crucial foundational technologies. Currently, improvements in XR technology mainly focus on enhancing the performance of displays. To address issues like blurry images and screen door effects, silicon microdisplay technology is increasingly becoming the focus of research in this field and is receiving positive support from national and government policies. The application of digital driving in silicon microdisplay technology has brought breakthroughs, showing significant advantages in display performance, power consumption, lifespan, and cost, which has a positive impact on the commercial development of silicon microdisplays.

Mr.Ji also pointed out that with the rise of the metaverse concept, the industry has ushered in new opportunities, but due to incomplete infrastructure, overall development is still in the early stages. Additionally, Micro-OLED and Micro LED each have their advantages, but both need to address core issues such as clarity and contrast. The microdisplay industry needs to work on reducing costs, enhancing technical characteristics, and contributing to the industry's development. Finally, he emphasized that as the industry develops further, future XR products will face higher demands, but we will also welcome a more exciting virtual world.

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